6 Tips For Guys To Keep the Conversation Going on A Date

The first time you go out on a date with a girl you just happened to meet then you will find that keeping a conversation flowing can be difficult, to say the least. However, it is not that difficult as you will find when you implement these tips.

1. You could talk about yourself but..

Chating while Dating

A guy can fall into the trap of talking about himself and his likes and bore the girl to tears.

Girls are chatty and like to talk about themselves and their likes so a better way to keep conversation going is to let her do the talking and prod the chat along with some questions that help her to talk.

2. Consign the phone to your pocket

Using Phone

Better still, switch it off or put it in silent mode. This way you can focus on your date and watch her expressions, her eyes and her body language that should give you a clue as to which direction your talks should proceed.

You can talk about the restaurant you are in, its décor, and its food and ask her to give an opinion.

She may be the type that does not like to talk much about her on a first date and neutral topics are fine. Go prepared with information about the restaurant, various tidbits of information on wine and cuisines.

Instead of giving a discourse, just make a small statement and then get her views.

If you are out with an Escort you may not even need to make efforts because she’s been here and done that and so knows how to keep up the flow but then not all girls are practiced Toronto escorts.

3. Her favorites

Her favorites

Emyli, a popular online dating coach, says that a girl likes to talk about her favorite things. Know them and bring them up one after another.

Food, cosmetics, films, stores, games, music and books are common topics that will open her up to a flow of words. You want to take it the easy way Toronto Top Notch Escorts are waiting for you

4. Egg her on

Egg her on

Raise a topic like food or clothes. Ask her opinion. She will utter a sentence or two. Say something like “that is quite interesting, tell me more… or I never knew that..” The dutiful hen will go on clucking and you can sit back with an occasional prod.

5. Listen and take cues

Listen and take cues

Women are artful and need hints that what they are talking about interests their date so listen to them.

You will find cues in her talks that she wants to say more but is waiting for your response.

Respond right and it opens a floodgate of words.

Do not look away. Look into her eyes while she talks.  That will encourage her to talk more.

6. Laugh


If you have a funny bone, tickle it and make your date laugh. Laughter does not just break the ice; it melts it completely and establishes a connection. Make yourself the butt of the joke.

It is simple. Any of these tips may work the magic and you two will be chattering away like magpies in no time at all.