For the gentleman who will be reading this, it is essential to show that attractive lady a good time when you are with her. Indeed, there are five times to make your first move to kiss a member of the fairer sex.

#1 New Year’s

New year kiss

What is chiming in the new year with a kiss? For the guys out there, counting down the clock and kissing that favorite girl is the only way to go. Looking that beautiful lass straight in the eye and making sure she is ready is a smart way to approach that special time of the year.

#2 Timing A Good Laugh

Timing A Good Laugh

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. And having a good laugh while being together is an excellent way to make that move and providing a sweet kiss to that attractive lady. Having an event that is full of smiles while you lean in to get that first smooch is the key. While there are many styles like the French kiss, the “Eskimo Kiss,” and kiss on the cheek, Cosmopolitan Magazine notes that a high percentage of both men and women have terminated relationships because someone kissed badly.

#3 Finding An Event That Encourages Kissing

Event That Encourages Kissing

Events that encourage kissing are also a possibility. Whether it is a rock concert or an ice-hockey game or professional baseball game, there are plenty of times that the “Kiss Cam” can come in handy for you to make your move without trying. Kus look her in the eye and make sure to make a move. Although the whole arena may be watching, it is still a good time to make that kiss happen. The first move is ultimately yours. But, move in on the girl’s face gently, so that there are no “clashing of teeth” as noted in an blog about that first kiss on Head positioning, mouth movement and the use of tongue are three big components to making that first move a success.

#4 Fire Of Passion Near The Fireplace

Fire Of Passion Near The Fireplace

Snuggling up with your gal near the fireplace is an excellent setting for putting the moves on her and giving her a beautiful kiss. When you find the right time for coziness, you and your girl can ignite the passion. Warmth and the popping cinders of wood in the fire are always a good way to fire up one’s desire. There is plenty of energy as long as the environment is quiet enough to make the magic happen. notes that

#5 At The Movies


Before that 3D movie begins at the theatre, it is an opportune time to make your first move and kiss that pretty girl. Right as the theatre goes dark and before all the commercials begin, that can be the right time to use your hands and caress her face for that deep kiss. Making sure that you will have no distractions as you get that enchanting kiss and making sure she doesn’t pull away from you in important for making the magic happen. It is good to get the first kiss out of the way so that you can enjoy the full movie.