dancing duo

You’ll say your “I Do’s”, party with family and friends, then after the party comes the afterparty–your honeymoon! While you put all your planning into your wedding, you’ll want to make sure you set some time aside to make your honeymoon the best ever.

The Wildest Honeymoon Ideas

Bring on the lingerie, the chocolates, and the sexy honeymoon suite. Don’t hesitate to go all our for your honeymoon to make sure you and your lover have the best time together as newlyweds. Read on for five great tips for your wild honeymoon.

1. Get Steamy with Some Dancing

dancing duo

Regardless of where you’re honeymooning, you’ll likely be around some great local spots with live music. Do some research on the city that you will be visiting to find the best nightlife. Once you arrive, start your sexy night off with some romantic dancing. Add a few drinks to the mix, and you’ll both be ready for the rest of your honeymoon.

Moreover, if you don’t know how to dance, enrolling in one dance class is a great way to spend time together. Try to find a class that teaches a style of dance unique to the city that you are staying in. Once you are both familiar with the dance, take your talents out on the town and start stepping.

2. Listen to or Read Erotica

Listen to or Read Erotica

While you may have never considered including “storytime” as part of your honeymoon, you’ll be glad you did. Bring a few hard-copy or digital books along to get your juices flowing on your honeymoon. For book suggestions, check out classics and bestsellers by¬†asian toronto escorts in the erotica genre.

Another idea is to act out the best scenes from one of your favorite sexy stories. As you both get into character, you’ll enjoy just how wild things get.

3. Stay Up or Wake Up for the Sunset

Stay Up or Wake Up for the Sunset

Watching the sunset is a truly transformative experience that’s even more magical when sharing it with someone special. You both can stay up all night together or wake up right before sunrise. Make sure to head out to the beach to get the best view of the beautiful daybreak.

4. Have a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir Photo Shoot

A boudoir photo shoot can be done with a camera phone set with a timer or with a professional photographer. You’ll both love the experience of posing together in your sexy lingerie and underwear. Store the photos in a photo album that you stow away for private memories later.

5. Enjoy a Couples’ Massage

 Enjoy a Couples' Massage

When planning your honeymoon, be sure to find a hotel that has or is located near a spa. Reserve a private couples’ massage to that both of you can enjoy together. A massage is an excellent way to bond together and relieve any wedding-related stress you may be feeling.

Your honeymoon should be a time that you and your partner remember forever. Don’t settle for the same old honeymoon ideas. Let these five tips inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting.