breaking up

Breakups are messy, and no one wishes to go through it. It is our primary instinct to try and make things work rather than go for a breakup. However, there are times when it simply cannot be avoided. But, how do we break up? The girls of Toronto escorts can help you after the break up but this part, you have to do it all by yourself. It’s a tricky affair and there is always the added discomfort of breaking someone’s heart, much like giving bad news. Here is a helpful guide that will take you through the nuances of breaking up.

Keep few things in mind while deciding to break up. It has got to be fast and clean. This reduces the suffering. You need to make sure that the communication remains both ways and everything is made clear before parting ways. Leave with some positivity and minimize contact to avoid dragging it any further.

How to break up? A 6-step guide

If you are considering breaking up, make sure you do it right. Here are the steps that need to be followed.

1. Introduction is important


Do not skip the introduction. Make sure your introduction prepares your partner for the news. Something in the line of, “I need to tell you something important that has been on my mind. How about we sit somewhere private and talk about this?”
When your partner is expecting something bad, it becomes a bit easier.

2. Be clear, confident and certain

breaking up

Do not use things like “I think…” or ”We should probably…” or the likes. Make yourself absolutely clear about the decision and tell it with certainty and confidence. Ambiguous sentences make the breakup a messy affair. Use ‘I’ and not ‘we’. If you are going to invite disagreement, then this will become another fight you are probably trying to avoid.

3. Make your concerns clear

Why did it not work according to you? What went wrong? What are the things that led you to this decision? Make these absolutely clear to your partner. You should never leave the other person wondering what went wrong. That’s the worst way to break up, and certainly inhumane. Say in points, if necessary, the things that have been bothering you and led to this final decision.

4. Let your partner speak too

It is not only about you. Invite your partner’s feedback and then carefully assess them and state your replies. Think out loud what you feel about the replies. And, then present your thoughts in a proper manner. Do not fumble or make it ambiguous. Make sure you agree with the points that are right and then add what has been the issues. This isn’t a debate. Do not turn it into one.

5. Leave on a positive note

Couple talking

Whatever the differences, you two shared a part of your life together. The memories will not be simply fading away. Wish your partner a happy future and depart on a positive note. This will not leave behind sour memories of the end.

6. Sever contact

The best thing is to sever contact after the breakup. This will allow you both to heal faster. If, because of some reason, like professional reason, it is impossible not to meet your partner, minimize contact. There is no point trying to heal your partner.

If you happen to be on the receiving end, there isn’t much to do. Try to keep the conversation positive. See if things are truly beyond repair. And respect your partner’s choice and leave with dignity.